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Blog - July 2020

How do funeral plans work?

In life, it's an inevitable fact that we will require a funeral one day. We don't always know when this time will be - and that's the trouble when it comes to planning. However, that's where Open Prepaid Funerals can help. By taking control over your funeral, you can protect loved ones from emotional and financial stress when the time comes. A prepaid funeral plan manages the logistics of the funeral, including the preparation of the funeral itself, as well as arrangements before and after the service. Learn more about how funeral plans work from our detailed guide.

  • Posted 24th July 2020
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Why we should keep talking about funeral plans

Over the last few months, the world has been exposed to a very difficult period - economically, emotionally and physically. As COVID-19 continues to impact our day to day lives in every corner of the globe, funeral planning has become a much more prevalent topic than ever before.

  • Posted 6th July 2020
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