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More Funeral Directors are Choosing Open

John Taplin

As a funeral director, having the best funeral plans possible for your clients and customers is at the forefront of your mind. Not only this, but ensuring you are delivering a high-quality service while providing the level of care and compassion needed to be a funeral director is always a consideration, too. That’s where Open Prepaid Funerals steps in.

With our selection of prepaid funeral plans, all of which can be modified, price adjusted and personalised, ranging from Simple plans to Unattended Cremation, the high-quality service aspect is taken care of for you. Learn more about what our prepaid funeral plans cover from today.

Why become an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) with Open?

Quite simply, we’ll make providing prepaid funeral plans to your community very simple for you, whilst allowing you to maintain your standing and relationships with the families you serve.

Benefits of choosing Open

  • Experience - Open started operating in October 2003 and was created by Funeral Directors for the benefit of Independent Funeral Directors – meaning we have a wealth of experience in the funeral plans sector. Open is part owned by David Bastock of C. Bastock Funeral Directors in Solihull, a business established in 1856.
  • Communication - We listen and we deliver – holding honest, open conversations with our clients.
  • Financial - Open have a single administration fee of £285.00. No further deductions are made from the starting plan value or thereafter.
  • Online access - Open funeral directors have access to a secure login area 24 hours a day to see their nominated plans, the plan redemption values and plan documentation.
  • No penalties for missed fees - There are no penalties if a Plan Holder misses instalment payments, we understand people’s circumstances can change and we work with them to ensure they’re looked after rather than penalised.
  • Flexibility - Open IARs benefit from our flexibility:
    • You can introduce our standard Open plans at our published prices
    • We can set plan prices appropriate to your locality
  • Easy payment scheme - Prompt settlement of funds by BACS transfer.
  • Organised - All brochures, application forms and reply-paid envelopes are provided.

A message from our MD

Here at Open, we try to keep everything as simple as we can, especially now we are operation in an FCA regulated environment.

We believe keeping it simple works. We have a structure in our team of 19 that allows us to deliver excellent service but remain accessible and easy to work with, if you need us, we’re here and if you have a problem, we’ll solve it quickly. I’m available, owner to owner, if you need to raise something or get a decision on something, you’ll be able to call me, this is how we get things done.

There are many benefits for you as a Funeral Director in both being an IAR and in accepting Open Prepaid Funeral Plans. Not least is the fact that, because of our background and our commitment to the funeral profession, we genuinely put clients and Funeral Directors first and as a result we deliver on our promises.

Since our launch in 2003, we have done exactly what we said we would do - acted in the interests of Independent Funeral Directors and their customers, and in doing so, served thousands of families all over the country.

If you would like to learn more and arrange a no obligation chat or meeting, please get in touch - you can email us or call us directly; we’re Open by name, open by nature.

More Independent Funeral Directors are choosing Open Prepaid Funerals as their preferred funeral plan provider and becoming an IAR working with our professional advisers, and from within the profession these include an Ex-COO, ex-presidents, ex and existing committee members and prominent Independent Funeral Directors from all over the UK. They all have enough knowledge to know that Open makes real sense for Independent Funeral Directors.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. By funeral directors for funeral directors.

Yours faithfully

John Taplin

John Taplin
Managing Director