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Prepaid Funeral Plans FAQs

Questions to ask when preplanning a funeral

If you’re thinking of taking out a prepaid funeral plan, naturally, there’s likely to be a few prepaid funeral plan questions to take into consideration. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the questions to ask when preplanning a funeral - including queries about how safe your plan is, and costs and payment plans.

Funeral Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I’m paying the right price for my plan?

We had always encouraged our plan holders to take out an Open funeral plan directly with their preferred funeral director. Under FCA regulation though this makes the process of taking out a plan more complex and requires extensive training. We have decided to operate an Introducer only model where, if you contact your preferred funeral director yourself they will actually refer you to us if they are an Open Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR). If they are not an Open IAR then you can still take a plan out with Open and we can nominate the funeral director to your plan, speak to us for more details. This way, you still get what you want at the price you should be paying. Open plans are all fair value tested and many are specifically priced to our IAR businesses all of which means you get fairly priced funeral plans with Open. Find out more about the plan price for your funeral director from our guide.

What if I want a burial?

As costs and arrangements can vary dramatically throughout the UK it is essential that you discuss these issues with us directly first, we will talk to your preferred funeral director to check accurate information and pricing. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.

What happens if I die while on holiday or away from home?

Your funeral director will arrange collection from anywhere in the UK, although a fee may apply. If you die abroad, repatriation costs will be incurred. Please check that your normal travel insurance policy covers this.

How can I pay for my funeral plan?

There are a number of ways:

  • You can pay securely online through this website
  • You can pay by card, cheque or bank transfer
  • You can pay over a number of months, interest free over 12 months or up to 24 months (with charges that add to your plan value not to our bottom line) by direct debit. A charge is made for instalment payments between 12 and 24 months which is equivalent to an APR of 4.9% however all of these additional charges are applied to the value of your plan and is not a way for us to make profit.

Feel free to contact us directly by email or phone to discuss payment if you wish to.

What if I die before I have paid in full?

If you die of natural causes before the plan is fully paid then the sum you have paid to that point is refunded to your family/estate. If you die and it is officially defined as accidental then the plan you have taken out will be paid out in full.

Are prepaid funeral plans safe?

Wondering if your money is safe? Your payment is made into the Open Prepaid Funerals Trust Fund where it is managed by a board of trustees and Quilter Cheviot. The trust fund is a separate entity and independent from Open Prepaid Funerals Limited. The trust fund is invested in a wide range of options to target long term growth. The funeral director services are guaranteed to be covered, disbursements may not be covered entirely as explained elsewhere

Can I choose my Funeral Director?

You can choose a funeral director when you take your plan out with us directly, we'll then speak to them on your behalf if they’re not already an IAR with Open and check that they’re happy to accept the nomination to carry out your future funeral. We have many Independent Funeral Directors who are Introducer Appointed Representatives of Open and these are identified when you search for a funeral director here. Our business model ensures that all FCA regulatory requirements are met professionally but that you will also be able to maintain a relationship with your nominated funeral director should you wish to

Do I have to add third party costs?

Disbursements are also referred to as third party costs. They are elements of a funeral that carry costs that are not controlled by the funeral director or by us, things such as cremation or burial costs, doctors fees for cremation, church fees, minister or celebrant fees etc. (a more extensive list is available in our Terms and Conditions (link). These elements vary depending on the type of funeral chosen but are part of every funeral to some extent. We do recommend including the contribution to disbursements in your funeral plan so as to contribute at the time of need but you don’t have to, you could leave it to your family to sort out in the future. If you have any questions please speak to one of our professional advisers.

Can I personalise my plan?

The Open Plan is designed to be as personal to you as you wish; choose one of the standard prepaid funeral plans and personalise that with your own preferences including readings, songs, hymns, flowers, donations to charity and more. We can also help you to create a completely unique plan to you either directly with us or through a local funeral director. Just get in touch with us for more details

Is the company independently owned?

Open Prepaid Funerals Limited is a privately owned UK based company and has been successfully operating since 2003.

What happens if I move?

If you move location, we will endeavour to place your plan with a newly nominated funeral director local to your new residence. Should you wish to, we will keep you involved in this process. If we cannot identify a funeral director to your satisfaction you will be offered the option to cancel your plan.

If I propose a Funeral Director, are they guaranteed to accept my plan?

We have a very high rate of plan acceptance because we are able to show funeral directors why Open is such a good choice for them - Open is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
However, if your preferred funeral director doesn't want to accept your Open plan, we'll propose an alternative funeral director to you. If you're not happy with our proposal, we'll give you a full refund of any payment you have made towards your plan.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes you can, our terms and conditions state the following.

  1. You can cancel this plan at any time by contacting our customer enquiries department by post, email or telephone.
  2. If you cancel your plan within 30 days of Commencement or within 7 days of initially nominating a Nominated Funeral Director, we will refund you in full.
  3. If you cancel your plan at any time after 30 days of Commencement, we will refund your payment less the original administration fee of £285.
  4. If you pay by instalment plan and cancel within the first 2 years of Commencement, we will return your instalments in full.
  5. If you cancel the plan after 2 years following Commencement you can either receive a refund less the administration fee of £285 or the plan can remain in place to take up or use towards funeral costs in the future at the time of need.
  6. We will make any refunds to you within 30 days of you providing us with notice of cancellation.
  7. In all instances, you acknowledge that you lose your right to cancel once the Funeral Plan has been Redeemed. Where you cancel, you with withdraw from the Funeral Plan and these Terms will be terminated.