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News & Blogs - November 2021

Funeral advice and support

Whether you’re wondering how much a funeral costs, what a funeral director does or want to know more about funeral etiquette, our funeral guidance and advice section can help. Explore the below guides for funeral support.

What to write on a funeral card blog

Expressing your condolences is an important part of supporting a family who has recently lost someone. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what to say. What you write in a funeral card mainly depends on who the departed person was - for some, a religious message is appropriate, whilst for others, a more personal message is desired. However, writing a heartfelt message can never go a miss. Here are a few guidelines to consider if you are struggling for things to say:

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How to cope with grief and loss blog

Grieving is an individual experience, and there is no set way in which a person grieves. How you react to loss can be dependent on many factors such as life experience, how close the loss was to you, personality, faith, coping style and more attributes. As you likely know from past experience, grief often takes a toll on your physical health as well as your mental health, which is why it's important to use healthy outlets to cope with your loss. That's why we've put together this guide helping you cope with grief and loss, highlighting the signs of grief to look out for, and ways to alleviate grief in the future.

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What is a pallbearer? blog

Being asked to be a pallbearer at a funeral can be a very daunting experience, as it is hard to imagine carrying the casket of your loved one. However, being a pallbearer is considered a great honour, as asking someone to be a pallbearer usually means an awful lot to the deceased’s family. So, what exactly is a pallbearer, and what does it involve?

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How many people can attend a funeral? blog

In light of recent COVID restrictions, the number of people who could attend funerals was vastly limited. Funeral services became much more private affairs, reserved only for close family and friends. In current times, limitations on the amount of people who can attend has been lifted – and numbers are now mainly affected by the capacity of the chosen venue, rather than government guidelines.

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