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What is an unattended funeral? Blog

An unattended funeral, also known as a direct or unattended cremation, is conducted without a traditional funeral service – there is no ceremony or mourners in attendance. In the case of cremation, the ashes are simply collected from the crematorium. Some families may find an unattended funeral impersonal, and it may leave them feeling as though they haven’t properly grieved. Find out everything you need to know about unattended funeral services in our helpful guide today.

Differences between an unattended funeral and a traditional one

There are vast number of differences between an unattended funeral and a traditional service. For instance, there are no formalities – you don’t set the time or date of the cremation. Other differences include:

  • No ceremony after the cremation
  • No viewing, visitation or wake before the cremation
  • No procession

This funeral structure is very similar in the case of a direct cremation – you should find out everything you need to know in our helpful guide on the considerations of direct cremations here.  

Why would someone have a direct burial or cremation?

There are various reasons as to why someone may choose an unattended funeral for their loved one, or plan one for themselves. This type of service may have been chosen because:

  • The family may have planned a separate memorial to celebrate the person’s life
  • A family may not be able to organise a bigger funeral service due to insufficient funds, so a direct burial service can cut costs and eliminate risks of debt
  • Minimal funeral planning may have less of an emotional toll on the bereaved
  • They may wish for a more personal and intimate family service
  • The deceased may not want a traditional funeral service associated with religion
  • The family may have planned an alternative scattering of ashes ceremony

How much does an unattended funeral cost?

An unattended cremation is the most inexpensive funeral you can opt for – cost can vary but they can be substantially less than a more traditional funeral service.

Why an unattended funeral isn’t for everyone

Though an unattended funeral is the most cost-efficient funeral plan, family members may feel as though this type of service leaves them with a lack of closure. Unless there is an alternate ceremony planned, attendees may feel as though the funeral process to be cold and unattached.

Leave your loved ones with less to worry about

Whether you would like an unattended funeral or a more traditional one, at Open Prepaid Funeral Care, we take care of all the details so that your family has less to worry about when the time comes.

If you would like to find out more about prepaid funeral plans, or for any other funeral-related questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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