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Plan Price for your Funeral Director

For an Open plan priced to match your preferred or nominated funeral director, simply choose one of our published plans on our website and take it out online using our secure website highlighting a funeral director if you want to as you work through the steps, or ignore that step if you’re happy for us to choose a funeral director for you.

  • Follow the process through to the end and choose to pay by instalments (we can change this later if you wish to pay in full), and pay only the £195.00 administration fee for now. (If you decide not to go ahead within 30 days of us confirming accurate pricing with you then we’ll refund your initial £195.00 payment in full).
  • We’ll contact you to confirm your plan requirements and then contact the appropriate independent funeral director on your behalf to discuss accurate local pricing.
  • We’ll then confirm this with you and if you’re happy to go ahead you complete the chosen payment option with our team and we do the rest.
  • By doing this you have complete control and you get a funeral plan with accurate local pricing rather than just a general national price. You’ll also then clearly see that there are no other deductions from the price you pay for your funeral plan with Open Prepaid Funerals.
  • Open by name, open by nature.

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