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Prepaid Funeral Plans

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A pre-paid plan can save your family worry and expense and can help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time.

Almost one million people in Great Britain now have a funeral plan. The main reason for people making preparations is due to their own experiences of grief and trying to alleviate some of the stress that their loved ones may face when making the arrangements.

A pre-paid funeral plan is a secure and cost-effective method of ensuring that your funeral is arranged and paid for with the minimum of fuss. No matter how much the cost of your funeral director’s services may have increased by the time they are required, they will be covered.

Each plan also includes an allowance, to cover the third-party costs that are not within your funeral director’s control. These include the fees for the crematorium, doctors and clergy. Only if these costs were to increase more than the growth of the plan, might there be a balance to pay at the time of the funeral.

What’s included?

Each plan is tailor-made, and everything will be taken care of and carried out according to your wishes. The plan will allow you to personalise every aspect of the day in as much details as you choose. Taking out a pre-paid plan will not only give you peace of mind, it will also help to relieve the stress and financial worries that your family may face at the time of loss.

Our preferred choice of plan is The Open Pre Paid Plan a leading Funeral Plan provider. Please find a link to their website here. If you have any questions regarding pre-paid funeral plans, or would like to request a brochure, please call into our Biddulph or Tunstall office, call us or fill in the brochure request form on the right.

If you have any queries, call us on 01782 834 300

Why choose a prepaid funeral plan?

Taking out a prepaid funeral plan can bring many benefits to you and your family. Some of these may include:

  • Alleviates financial burden - one of the benefits of taking out a funeral plan is securing the funeral directors services at today’s price, these are guaranteed to be covered at the time of need if fully paid. Disbursements are not fully guaranteed though, there could be a shortfall which your family may have to cover, see terms and conditions or talk to us for more details.
  • Reduces emotional stress - planning a loved one’s funeral can be an emotionally challenging time for family and close friends. By planning your funeral before the time comes, this could reduce emotional and financial stress for your loved ones.
  • Tailor made for you - by arranging your funeral ahead of time, you are able to design it specifically to your own individual requirements – meaning its bespoke to you and your preferences.

Tailor-made funeral plans

If none of the set plans are exactly what you had in mind, we can work with you to create a tailor-made funeral plan that specifically meets your needs. You may find it useful to use one of our pre-existing prepaid funeral plans as a guide to help you begin the process. Then you could add an extra limousine, for example, or decide that you would prefer the service to take place in your local church rather than a crematorium chapel.

Whatever your thoughts, talk to us and we'll guide you through the funeral planning process. We will then check with your preferred funeral director fees and charges in our system that all prices and elements are correct before confirming with you. We will detail all the fees and charges giving you a final amount to pay. Whatever your agreed plans, the funeral directors services are guaranteed to be provided with no further costs at the time of need. There may be a contribution required at the time of need in relation to disbursement costs, see terms for full details.

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