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Funeral advice and support

Whether you’re wondering how much a funeral costs, what a funeral director does or want to know more about funeral etiquette, our funeral guidance and advice section can help. Explore the below guides for funeral support.

Want to know the latest funeral costs information in the UK? blog

Here at Open Prepaid Funerals, we understand that planning a funeral can be a stressful time and unexpected costs can soon mount up. There are hundreds of sites and articles that try to dispel the myths associated to funeral planning, but with the national average of a funeral service standing at approximately £4,000, we want to show you exactly what types, services and products are typically associated to a funeral, and the financial impact of this.

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How do funeral plans work? blog

In life, it's an inevitable fact that we will require a funeral one day. We don't always know when this time will be - and that's the trouble when it comes to planning. However, that's where Open Prepaid Funerals can help. By taking control over your funeral, you can protect loved ones from emotional and financial stress when the time comes. A prepaid funeral plan manages the logistics of the funeral, including the preparation of the funeral itself, as well as arrangements before and after the service. Learn more about how funeral plans work from our detailed guide.

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What makes a good funeral director? blog

When people are selecting a prepaid funeral plan, they want to ensure their wishes are taken care of; they are guaranteed of a smooth, seamless funeral process; and, ultimately, they have confidence in a plan which will take the added pressure off their loved ones when their time comes. That is where having a good funeral director on hand is integral. So, how should clients know what qualities to look for in a good funeral director?

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What is a humanist funeral service? blog

A humanist funeral service is a non-religious ceremony which celebrates the life of someone who has passed away. Often, this type of funeral is led by a humanist celebrant, or alternatively, you could also arrange your own non-religious memorial.

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Planning a funeral in a pandemic blog

Living through a global pandemic is a testing experience on its own. However, having to the contend with the loss of a loved one during a time of such uncertainty is likely to cause emotional strain on families. That's why, here at Open Prepaid Funeral, we want to alleviate the emotional stress having a funeral in a pandemic can cause on families and loved ones as much as possible.

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What is a pallbearer? blog

Being asked to be a pallbearer at a funeral can be a very daunting experience, as it is hard to imagine carrying the casket of your loved one. However, being a pallbearer is considered a great honour, as asking someone to be a pallbearer usually means an awful lot to the deceased’s family. So, what exactly is a pallbearer, and what does it involve?

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How to cope with grief and loss blog

Grieving is an individual experience, and there is no set way in which a person grieves. How you react to loss can be dependent on many factors such as life experience, how close the loss was to you, personality, faith, coping style and more attributes. As you likely know from past experience, grief often takes a toll on your physical health as well as your mental health, which is why it's important to use healthy outlets to cope with your loss. That's why we've put together this guide helping you cope with grief and loss, highlighting the signs of grief to look out for, and ways to alleviate grief in the future.

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What is a funeral celebrant? blog

Many families wish to host a personal and intimate service to celebrate the end of their loved one's life, and one way to do this is to hire a funeral celebrant. A funeral celebrant is also referred to as a funeral officiant, which is a qualified person who helps officiate funeral services, support the bereaved family, as well as organise and conduct the funeral. The celebrant will usually be independent, and will be engaged by the funeral director on behalf of the family. They will be able to offer a non-religious funeral, as well as a funeral with prayers and spiritual themes.

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FCA Application Status News

As we write this on the 4th April 2022 we can confirm that our application process for authorisation by the FCA continues and we're working through the stages with our case officer. It must be said that it's a full belt and braces approach from the FCA and given the recent events with the demise of Safe Hands that has to be a good thing.

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Guide to different types of funerals Blog

Funerals are intended to celebrate and honour the life of a loved one, and to provide an opportunity for family and friends to say their final goodbyes. However, there is no one way of conducting a funeral – a person may wish for a non-conventional funeral, while some may want their attendees to wear bright colours instead of black.

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