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Age UK face criticism after receiving £9.4m in 2015 for Promoting Dignity Funeral Plan blog

In the March issue of respected funeral industry trade publication FSJ we notice an article today that highlights some of the unseen costs of funeral plans.

The charity Age UK has been criticised for accepting money from Dignity for selling its funeral plans. Last year Age UK received £9.4m after 18,000 of its funeral plans were sold. This equates to a little over £500.00 per plan!

That's £500.00 of a plan holders money that is being paid to Age UK by each plan holder. And on top of that there will be additional administration fees also taken from the plan price. What you pay for your plan isn't the most important factor, how much of what you pay that goes towards your plan value is.

Sadly Age UK and Dignity are not alone in this practise. We know that our other main competitors are also doing the same, paying almost identical commissions out to people who sell their plans. This is your money.

Choose your plan provider wisely, choose one that cares about performance more than profit.

  • Posted 26th February 2016
  • Tags: Cost

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