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Good Funeral Guide teams with Open Prepaid Funerals to launch first ever 100% consumer-focussed prepaid funeral plan

Consumer advocacy organisation the Good Funeral Guide in partnership with Open Prepaid Funerals Ltd launches the radically innovative Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Funeral Plan offering unrivalled empowerment and value for money to people wanting to ringfence money for their funeral.

Almost every feature of the Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Plan is unique. Instead of offering a range of generic package funerals and prescribing the funeral provider, the plan enables up to five fundholders to pay money into a pot and design their own personalised funeral.

All money paid into a pot earns genuine growth of 4% pa (correct from January 2015), a sum unrivalled by any other provider. A one-off start-up fee of £195 pays for the administration of the fund for its lifetime. At the time of need a personal representative is empowered to shop around and select a funeral director on merit.

The Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Plan is designed to meet the needs of people with budgetary constraints or uneven income flows. Payments may be staged or sporadic. Growth is applied monthly from when funds are added.

By focussing exclusively on the needs and interests of consumers the Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Funeral Plan addresses the defects of other products on the market by restoring face-to-face accountability between buyers and sellers of funerals as the only way of guaranteeing reliable consumer protection.

Charles Cowling, director of the Good Funeral Guide, said: "The prepaid funeral plan was invented by funeral directors to enable them to capture tomorrow?s market share today. We have observed with dismay a turf war that has become feverishly cut-throat. In response, we are offering a prepaid funeral plan which is simple, sober and honest and restores primacy to the interests of the consumer."

John Taplin said: "We're delighted to be working with such an independently minded and consumer focussed organisation. We have always aimed to provide a product that puts performance before profit. This new plan not only does that but provides both consumers and funeral directors with a very flexible at need product".

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