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Living through a global pandemic is a testing experience on its own. However, having to the contend with the loss of a loved one during a time of such uncertainty is likely to cause emotional strain on families. That's why, here at Open Prepaid Funeral, we want to alleviate the emotional stress having a funeral in a pandemic can cause on families and loved ones as much as possible.

FAQs around pandemic funerals

Can family and loved ones still attend?

There are specific government guidelines which state who can attend funerals at the moment. This guidance outlines that a modest number of family and close friends can attend the funeral. This is as long as social distancing measures are in place - and hand and respiratory hygiene requirements are maintained thoroughly at all times of the funeral.

However, no one should attend a funeral if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. There are other instances to consider, for example, if a family member or close friend is vulnerable and high risk, or a friend or family member has been contacted by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate. These instances need to be ironed out following government guidance, as well as making the most beneficial decision for everyone involved in the funeral.

Can I still plan a funeral?

Planning a funeral during a pandemic is still possible. Currently, government guidelines state that funerals should continue as normal where possible and shouldn't be delayed. However, individual crematoriums or cemeteries may have their own guidance based on various risk assessments from their own facilities. If you wish to plan a funeral in a place of worship, attendees should be restricted to a maximum of 30 people.

What should I consider when planning a funeral?

Although planning a funeral during a pandemic is possible, there will be a few changes to consider:

  • Attendees - consider who you want to invite, as it's likely there will be a limited number of guests. Consider any guests who could be in high risk categories, or any international family members or friends that would need to fly over.
  • Service sheets - instead of service books, consider that service sheets may need to be provided to guests.
  • Recordings - some close friends may not be able to attend due to restrictions. Therefore, filming the eulogy to show people who aren't there may be helpful for mourners.
  • Service time - it's likely that the service time may be shorter than normal, as venues need to allow more time to clean in between services.
  • Social distancing - ensure the funeral your planning adheres to social distancing guidelines.
  • Coffin bearers - ensure it's appropriate for family members to bear the coffin.

What changes can you expect at a pandemic funeral?

  • No shaking hands with anyone
  • Bring and use hand sanitiser during the day
  • Allow staff to open and close the doors to avoid multiple contact
  • Stick to assigned seating where possible
  • You may be asked to wait in your vehicle until you're asked to enter the building

How Open Prepaid Funerals can help

By investing in a prepaid funeral plan, some of the emotional stress and financial burdens can be alleviated from your family and close friends for when you pass. Open can help you by:

  • Protecting your family
  • Remove the stress level you experience by planning unexpected funerals if everything is planned and sorted
  • Reducing financial burdens that come with planning a funeral
  • Alleviating added stress caused already by a pandemic

Learn more about how funeral plans work from our detailed guide.

For more information on planning funerals in a pandemic, get in touch with our specialist team. Discover our range of both package and bespoke funeral plans - from Direct Cremation to the Simple Funeral Plan.

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