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In life, it's an inevitable fact that we will require a funeral one day. We don't always know when this time will be - and that's the trouble when it comes to planning. However, that's where Open Prepaid Funerals can help. By taking control over your funeral, you can protect loved ones from emotional and financial stress when the time comes. A prepaid funeral plan manages the logistics of the funeral, including the preparation of the funeral itself, as well as arrangements before and after the service. Learn more about how funeral plans work from our detailed guide.

What is a prepaid funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan is a way of planning and paying for your funeral now in order to save you and your family money when the time comes. Typically, by having a prepaid funeral, this alleviates some of the stress and financial worry that comes with bereavement. Learn more about what a prepaid funeral is from our informative guide.

By taking out a prepaid funeral plan now, you will also reap the financial benefits - as the cost will be frozen at today's prices, meaning it's protected from any future increases to funeral directors costs that may occur due to inflation. A prepaid funeral plan takes care of all of the arrangements, leaving your family and loved ones with nothing to plan - as it's all taken care of with your funeral director. Find out more about what a funeral director does from our detailed guide.

What's included in a prepaid funeral plan?

There are many types of prepaid funeral plans to choose from - including Direct Cremation plans to simple prepaid funeral plans. This can include care of the deceased prior to the funeral, contribution towards 3rd party costs, advice on registering the death, disposal and collection of cremated remains or memorial advice. Depending on which prepaid funeral plan you choose will determine what level of arrangement you will have for your funeral when the time comes. Discover our wide selection of prepaid funeral plans now.

For more information on how funeral plans work, get in touch with a member of our expert team who will be happy to help.

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