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You wouldn't take legal advice from your local grocer, would you?

So why would you buy a funeral plan from anywhere other than a local funeral director?

That might sound like a bit of a stretch as an analogy but it's not really. Open are a well-respected, FPA registered, independent prepaid funeral plan provider and we believe we offer one of the best funeral plans available today. And of course we want you to choose to buy an Open plan rather than any other provider (there are lots of great reasons why), but we'd even rather you bought one of our plans through an independent funeral director rather than directly from us!

Now we appreciate that may sound a little odd but let's take this a little further. We started in October 2003, so we've got many years' experience working with independent funeral directors - one of the shareholders of the business is an Independent Funeral Director. It's fair to say that we're very experienced in the funeral profession. Open's Managing Director John Taplin has often worked as a bearer/driver for his business partner's funeral business when they've needed extra help or cover. We're more than just a plan provider.

But do you know what?

We still don't know enough to be able to talk to someone who wants to take a plan out in their area. This is because we don't know your local crematoriums and cemeteries, we don't have experience of working with your local churches, venues, ministers and celebrants. We won't have dealt with your local hospitals, care homes or GP surgeries, or have an understanding what is and isn't possible locally and what local costs and fees are. But your local independent funeral director does. They can help you plan your funeral your way - who better to deal with than the company you want to carry out your funeral? They can talk with you face-to-face and ensure you're actually getting what you want at the right price for you and for them. There is no better way to purchase a funeral plan. Independent Funeral Directors do what they do because they care about people, it really matters to them.

This also means that you're getting much better value for money. Did you know that if you buy a plan directly from a funeral plan provider, a third party plan seller, an agent such as a will writer or the IFA, or from a newspaper collaboration or a telephone sales team, that up to £1,000 or even more could be swallowed up in fees and commission? That's money that's NOT going towards your funeral in the future. It's a poor show, wouldn't you agree?

By choosing an Open plan and purchasing one through an Independent Funeral Director you can be sure that your only admin fee is £195.00 for the life of the plan, 100% of what you pay for the plan itself is invested and stays invested. Funeral Directors that use Open understand how important this is for you both.

If your preferred Funeral Director doesn't currently use Open just let us know and point them to this page and we'll help them.

It's your funeral plan so you take control of it.

Open by name, Open by nature.

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