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Simplicity, Honesty and Transparency make us what we are blog

Keeping things as simple and clean as possible for 16 years is proving to be the right thing to do. In fact, it looks like the first 16 years have just been the foundation to the next 16 and way beyond.

Sometimes doing the right thing is hard, really hard, especially in the current highly competitive and unregulated market in which we sit. The simple fact is that there are currently a lot of companies (people) making an awful lot of money selling prepaid funeral plans by taking obscene administration fees from plan prices. Sadly, we're not one of them, but we're OK with that, in fact, we're really OK with that. We're growing, every day, and more independent funeral directors are approaching us every week to learn why an ever growing number of their contemporaries are choosing us. Just ask Gemma O'Driscoll of G. E. O'Driscoll and Daughters in Llanelli why she's chosen Open Prepaid Funerals. For those that aren't aware, Gemma is an ex-President of SAIF (Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors), she is still an executive committee member and an ex user of Golden Charter funeral plans, the company most closely associated with SAIF.

We set out in 2003 to create a prepaid funeral plan that was simple, transparent, decent and delivered benefits to its funeral director clients. In fact, the basis of the Open structure was led very much by David Bastock of C. Bastock Funeral Directors in Solihull whose father Terry was also a previous president of SAIF.

The Open goal was to be just that, open, and to provide a solid, well performing plan that operated not for its own interests but for that of the funeral directors it serves and the plan holders whose plans it manages. Open operate an Open by name, open by nature policy where independent funeral directors can see their plans and most importantly their redemption values 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It won't be long before the FCA are expected to regulate the prepaid funeral planning industry but in the meantime it makes sense to choose an open transparent provider don't you think?

In the environment in which we all currently live the need to choose simplicity over complexity and transparency over secrecy (read "we don't share commercially sensitive information" i.e. admin fees and commissions), has never been more relevant or important to keep it simple. We're different, we're open, we're Open.

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