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What is a humanist funeral service? blog

A humanist funeral service is a non-religious ceremony which celebrates the life of someone who has passed away. Often, this type of funeral is led by a humanist celebrant, or alternatively, you could also arrange your own non-religious memorial.

Humanist funeral services are usually held in crematoriums or cemeteries, or on a natural burial site – as well as any venue that isn’t a religious venue, or a place of worship. This includes venues such as a hotel event space, your home, a public park, bars or restaurants or a town hall.

What happens at a humanist funeral?

Humanist funeral services aren’t as concrete and structured as traditional funeral services. They depend entirely on the person who has died, and the people who are organising the funeral. During a humanist funeral ceremony, the format for the service could include:

  • Tributes - close family members or friends can read tributes (essentially the equivalent of a eulogy)
  • Readings – again, typically read by close friends and family
  • Moments silence - for thought and celebration of the deceased’s life
  • Music – music can play as the service begins and finishes

However, if the deceased/organisers of the funeral are not religious and also not looking to follow a traditional structure, you could arrange a Direct Cremation – and arrange to have an informal memorial service at a personal place. This could be a beauty spot, their favourite city, or simply in the back garden of their home. The scattering of the ashes is also something to consider, as the organiser of the funeral, you may wish to scatter the ashes with loved one's present.

How to arrange a humanist funeral service

With Open Prepaid Funerals, we can help arrange bespoke prepaid funerals to fit your specific requirements. Whether you want a Traditional Plan, or you’re more interested in a Simple Plan, browse our range of prepaid funeral plans now to find the perfect option for you.

To learn more about humanist funeral ceremonies and how Open Prepaid Funerals can help, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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