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What makes a good funeral director? blog

When people are selecting a prepaid funeral plan, they want to ensure their wishes are taken care of; they are guaranteed of a smooth, seamless funeral process; and, ultimately, they have confidence in a plan which will take the added pressure off their loved ones when their time comes. That is where having a good funeral director on hand is integral. So, how should clients know what qualities to look for in a good funeral director?

What are the top qualities of a funeral director?

Listening and understanding

Arguably the most important quality of a good funeral director – being able to listen and communicate. If the client has queries about the funeral, they need to know you’re reliable and on hand to listen to their concerns, and address them accordingly. It’s also integral to hear and understand what the client is requesting for their prepaid funeral – they need to know that the planning and organisation is in safe hands. If a client doesn’t feel like their wishes are being taken care of, they’re unlikely to continue using you as the funeral director and will begin to look elsewhere.


Having a wealth of experience, and showcasing that, is important for grieving families. This can come in the form of understanding traditions and cultures, but also making the funeral process as seamless as possible. With this knowledge, as a funeral director, you’ll be able to plan more complex funerals and organise more specific services – as well as including special rituals and catering to the needs of the client. This also refers to keeping up to date with industry news, and keeping your pulse on the growth and challenges the industry faces. It’s important for a client to understand you have the experience behind you – if they believe you are knowledgeable, they’re more likely to put their trust in you to organise their funeral.

Be able to offer emotive relief

Although a funeral director is not a counsellor, and should not be seen as one, they do need to provide a level of emotive relief to clients. This is likely to come in the form of listening to them, allowing them to grieve, and comforting them in simple ways. Having a funeral director who takes time to speak to the family and offers help during their grieving processes is a key trait of any good funeral director – going that extra mile to provide empathy and compassion to people going through a difficult time.

Provide creativity to the service

By having a creative mindset behind you, accompanied by a wealth of experience, it’s likely that you’ll be able to plan a funeral that can address a variety of clients’ requests. Thinking outside the box separates a good funeral director from a great one – offering ideas that could add a special touch to the service. Additionally, a good funeral director will take on ideas from the client and turn them into reality – which requires a creative mindset.

Providing the best prepaid funeral plans possible

That’s where Open Prepaid Funerals step in. With a number of prepaid funeral plans ranging from the Simple Plan to the Direct Cremation, your clients will be able to decide what the best plan for them entails – as well as having the option of choosing a bespoke funeral plan to cater specifically to their needs.

Harnessing the qualities of a funeral director mentioned above, as well as providing the best possible service you can, ensures you’ll stand out in people’s minds. For any more information on how to be a good funeral director, or our prepaid funeral plans, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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