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Over the last few months, the world has been exposed to a very difficult period - economically, emotionally and physically. As COVID-19 continues to impact our day to day lives in every corner of the globe, funeral planning has become a much more prevalent topic than ever before.

That's why, as a funeral director, it's important to keep talking about funeral plans. As a trusted role in the community, ensuring people are aware you're there for them when they need you most is critical during this period. As we enter the 'new normal' for funeral planning, this may seem a little different to what you've experienced in the past, but assuring your clients and customers that funeral planning is still a wholly relevant subject to talk about is important to gain people's trust, and assure them they are in safe hands.

The statistics

So, what statistics back up why we should keep talking about funeral plans?

  • Funeral plan considerations are up 178% on this time last year, and 2/3 of those considering them are in the 55-64 age bracket*

This shows that planning funerals are at the front of people's minds, meaning that there has never been a more pressing time for funeral directors to step up and ensure they are at the forefront of sales and enquiries. The age bracket of those considering a funeral could suggest that these are people planning funerals for elderly relatives.

  • 72% of people stated they would be happy buying a plan through a local funeral director's website, and 68% of people considering funeral plans would use the internet to find information*

Dealing with customers face-to-face isn't necessarily possible in the current conditions. This means that the demand for digital accessibility is ever increasing, so, as a funeral director, you need to be aware of the information you can provide to customers and clients. See our full selection of funeral plans online now - ranging from simple plans to the direct cremation plan. By providing people with these direct funeral plans detailed with all the relevant information they need, clients will be able to access this information online - which, as the statistics show, is currently in high demand of the consumer.

  • 82% of people surveyed in recent YouGov survey agreed funeral directors should keep promoting their services (which has increased from 55% at the start of lockdown)**

You may be worried about appearing insensitive and uncomfortable about making profit during the current climate. However, the statistics above show that the majority of consumers are comfortable receiving this information, and still want funeral plans to be spoken about. As long as brands speak about their services in a way that shows they are aware of the crisis, they communicate with compassion, emotion, and - most importantly - factually, funeral plans should still be spoken about in local communities and online to keep up with consumer demand.

Instead of thinking of 'selling' your services, it's important to think of these services as being a solution to a problem which, unfortunately, is a common problem in the current pandemic.

Funeral plans with Open Prepaid Funerals

And we're here to help. We can begin the conversations, communicated in the right tone, to deliver a clear message to customers that they will respond positively to during the current climate. We'll help consumers understand the need to keep talking about funeral plans, but ensuring it's delivered in a supportive and compassionate manner.

For more information about our funeral plans, get in touch with our expert team today. Alternatively, read our advice for funeral directors to learn more about the benefits of choosing Open, and how we can help you today.

* Independent research by James Law Associates, 27 March to 2 April 2020 (sample size 3,063)
** YouGov, May 2020

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